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Publisher & Distributor of Printed Music Chord Charts, Popular Gift Books and Posters

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Walrus Productions is a publisher and wholesale distributor of printed educational music laminated chord charts and posters.

Their best selling instructional music chord charts are easy to read and handy to use and are carried by most music stores nationwide.


Walrus Productions is a privately held company and was started in Seattle in 1979 by Larry Wall and Kathleen Russell.

The company name "Walrus" combines the last names of Wall & Russell.

After a long career at American Arts & Graphics distributing popular "Pinup Posters", they in 1992 published their first book based on one of their best selling posters, from 1988, "The Road to Success is Always Under Construction."

They published 12 books selling over 438,000 copies. Road to Success, alone, sold over 134,000 copies.

Also 1992 they designed a poster called "Guitar Chords" and began to sell to music stores nationwide.

They have sold over 3,500,000 copies of the "Guitar Chords Poster" making it one of the world’s best selling posters.

In 2003 they changed their business model and designed seven additional, very popular 8 1/2" X 11" Laminated Chord Charts, for Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Bass, Banjo Ukulele, Guitar Progressions.

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